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1209, 2014

Extended September Election Deadlines

Dear Science students,

We’ve encountered a delay with our elections software provider, and our September By-Elections will be held concurrently with the Students’ Union by-elections. The previous deadlines have all been extended by two weeks, […]

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1109, 2014

Handbook Academic Content Update

Dear Science students,

Thank you to everyone who picked up an ISSS Handbook during Week of Welcome, or afterwards from the centers where they are being distributed. Unfortunately, some of the content on pages 17 […]

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409, 2014

September 2014 By-Elections

The Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society is an inclusive and transparent science faculty association existing to offer useful services, to connect its diverse membership, and to advocate so that science students may enjoy an enriching […]

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3008, 2014

Intramural Leagues 2014

All students interested in playing in Soccer, Dodgeball, Ice Hockey and Ultimate Frisbee Intramural Leagues please e-mail [email protected] ASAP expressing your interest. If you have a team of students already great!, if not still […]

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1707, 2014

Join the Science Mentor Program

New to campus and unsure about what’s expected of you as an undergraduate Science student? Join the Science Mentor program and meet with an upper-year student who can help you:

Gain awareness of university supports […]

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1606, 2014

Free for all summer lockers!

Looking for a locker this summer? Click here to fill out contract and the locker is yours until August 19th. If you have already occupied a locker at this time, please be sure to […]

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1405, 2014

Science Graduation 2014 Tickets are available!

Tickets for June 10th are now available for reservation!

This year, the Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society is proud to present the first annual Science Graduation Banquet, funded with the help of Sci5! On Tuesday, June […]

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1404, 2014

[IMPORTANT] Locker Notice

To all students:

If you have not cleared out your locker from the Winter 2014 term, it is your responsibility to remove your belongings by April 30th, 2014. Anything left in lockers that should […]

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