Celebrating Excellence in Teaching

The ISSS’ annual Instructor Appreciation Night, or simply just IAN, is an event that celebrates excellent teaching and hard work done by notable professors, faculty lecturers, and teaching assistants. Nominated personally by undergraduate science students, these outstanding instructors are awarded IAN Awards at our annual events. The IAN is also a chance for students to meet and chat with their instructors while enjoying refreshments provided by the ISSS. Make sure you nominate your favourite instructor and/or attend the IAN!


Instructor Appreciation Night 2014

On behalf of the Academic Advocacy Team and Directors of Academic Advocacy, thank you all for your dedicating to teaching and student success in the classroom!


A warm congratulations to all of the instructors and teaching assistants who were nominated for their dedication and excellence in teaching Science students this year! Below are all of the nominees recognized at the 2014 Instructor Appreciation Night hosted by the ISSS:



Outstanding Teaching Assistants: Courtney MacInnis and Nazlee Sharmin

Outstanding Instructors: Dr. Rebecca Case and Dr. Hafizah Yahya