COSSA (Council of Science Student Associations) is a collection of science-related student groups. It includes Departmental Associations, Program Associations, and student groups that relate to science and have mandates that are similar to the ISSS’ mandate. This body is a valuable way for the ISSS to receive guidance to better represent science students and the groups of which they are a part.

Getting involved with a science student group is a great way to make a closer link to your science degree. COSSA group contact information can be found below.

For more information on COSSA, contact Sai Vemula at [email protected].


The ZooManiacs’ main goal is to bring together a community of students interested in zoology at the University of Alberta. The club organizes activities related to zoology in order to enrich students’ experiences. Such activities […]

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The Organization of Botany Students

The OBS is an undergraduate and graduate student group that has existed for over 40 years and accepts members from all faculties. We operate within the Department of Biological Sciences but encourage any students […]

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Pre-Med Students’ Association

Founded in 2005, the Pre-Medical Students’ Association (PMSA) is an organization designed for students intending to enter a career in the medical field. PMSA serves as a guide and a resource for academic and non-academic […]

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Neuroscience Student Association

The Neuroscience Student Association is a handful of executives dedicated to enriching and aiding Neuroscience Undergraduates in their studies and other aspects of campus life. We organize events ranging from neuroscience specific orientations, lab tours […]

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University of Alberta Palaeontological Society

The University of Alberta Palaeontological Society is a group open to students, graduates and faculty from any department who share an interest in fossils and evolutionary history.

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Eureka is a student-run initiative to promote the world-class undergraduate research done in the Faculty of Science. We offers undergraduate scientists the unique opportunity to share their discoveries with the scientific world, while learning the […]

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Mathematical Sciences Society (MSS)

The Mathematical Sciences Society (MSS) aspires to provide an inclusive space for all students interested in mathematical and statistical sciences. The MSS aims to foster collaboration and mentorship among peers. Members are encouraged to think […]

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Geography and Planning Students’ Society (GAPSS)

The Human Geography and Planning Students’ Society exists to represent and provide services and events to students in the Human Geography or Planning program, and to those who are interested in issues surrounding human geography […]

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University of Alberta Geophysics Society (UAGUS)

UAGUS is a student run group that aims to enrich the university experience of geophysics undergraduates by providing academic and social opportunities.

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Undergraduate Physics Society

The Undergraduate Physics Society is a club for those interested in physics, whether it be through classes and school or just out of pure interest.

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Chemistry Students’ Association

The Chemistry Students’ Association works to bridge the gap between chemistry undergraduates and resources at the U of A. We host a variety of events throughout the year to help students make connections with industry, faculty […]

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Biochemistry Students’ Association

Welcome to the BCSA! We provide useful services in the areas of academic support, familiarization with the department of biochemistry, and networking opportunities for undergraduate students at the University of Alberta. We also hold information […]

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COSSA Contact Information
Departmental Associations
Chemistry Students’ Association[email protected]Website
Undergraduate Association of Computing Science[email protected]Website
Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences Society[email protected]Website
Undergraduate Physics Society[email protected]Website
Undergraduate Psychology Association[email protected]Website
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Atmospheric Science Students[email protected]Website
Geography and Planning Student Society[email protected]Website
P.S. Warren Undergraduate Geological Society[email protected]Website
Immunology and Infection Students’ Association[email protected]Website
Molecular Biology Student Association[email protected]Website
Organization of Botany Students[email protected]Website
University of Alberta Palaeontological Society[email protected]Website
ZooManiacs[email protected]Website
Science-Related Student Groups
Ada’s Team[email protected]Website
Biochemistry Students’ Association[email protected]Website
Eureka! U of A Science Undergraduate Research Journal[email protected]Website
Neuroscience Students’ Association[email protected]Website
Pharmacology Students Association[email protected]Website
Pre-Medical Students’ Association[email protected]Website
Science FUNdamentals[email protected]Website
Undergraduate Physiology Students’ Association[email protected]Website
University of Alberta Chapter of the Wildlife Society[email protected]Website
University of Alberta Geophysics Undergraduate Society[email protected]Website
University of Alberta Women in Science and Engineering[email protected]Website