Volunteer with the ISSS

Our program has something for everyone, with different interests and commitment levels. Please see below for more information about the positions in our program. For more information on the current recruitment period and instruction on how to apply, please click here.

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Awards Adjudication Committee

The Awards Adjudication Committee consists of six (6) members responsible for collecting, reviewing, and awarding Professional Development Grants and Scholarships to Science students. This is an excellent opportunity for students to gain knowledge of granting application and scholarship application procedures, as well as how funding decisions are made.

Academic Advocacy Team

The Academic Advocacy Team (AAT) is a tight-knit group of dedicated students focused on proactively advocating for the student body. AAT members play a key role in the organization and execution of the ISSS’s Annual Survey in November and Instructor Appreciation Night in February. Join the AAT for valuable volunteer experience while connecting with students and faculty alike. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Finance Committee

Are you financially responsible? As a member of the finance committee, you’ll be involved with reviewing the ISSS’s use of funds and project proposals while ensuring that the ISSS is efficient and sustainable. The Finance Committee evaluates new projects proposed to the ISSS on the basis of their fiscal responsibility and effectiveness in furthering the ISSS mandate. Committee members read project proposals and discuss them at meetings every two weeks. If you are interested in guiding how the ISSS spends your money, please apply!

General Volunteer

Open, flexible position where you will be invited to volunteer at all ISSS events such as the Used Book Sale, during Orientation or Science Week etc. and at any other events that require further help.

Marketing Team

The Marketing Committee consists of a group of enthusiastic and creative individuals who work closely with the Director of Marketing and other members in the committee to plan and carry out marketing strategies for the ISSS and of the ISSS related events. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to build relationships within the community and increase their involvement with the ISSS.

Photography Team

The Photography Team is in charge of taking photos of all ISSS events and photo storage. They are available at ISSS events, to help the ISSS document memories and market the ISSS as the photos could potentially be used on posters or our social networks. Join the Photography Team if you are experienced in photography, tech-savvy and creative or even would like to learn more!

Public Relations Team

The PRT consists of fun, dynamic, energetic, and outgoing students who are committed to improving the sense of community within the Faculty of Science. They are also responsible for increasing awareness among the Faculty of Science of everything that it has to offer. This group of individuals will meet throughout the year to plan and execute promotional ideas like Study Wizards, and will also be responsible for classroom presentation.

Constitutional Review Committee

The CRC is responsible for reviewing the organization’s Constitution and Procedures Manual to ensure that it adheres to the best interests of the undergraduate science community. Members of the committee are enthusiastic, diligent and invested in the improvement of the Science student experience; they will have the rare and valuable opportunity to have a direct and positive impact in governance. The committee will meet formally at least 3 times during the year, and are also expected to take part in governance efforts at Clubs Fair, Semi-Annual General Meetings and other awareness events.

Internal Relations Committee

The Internal Relations Committee is responsible for managing volunteers within the ISSS and encouraging a team atmosphere within our organization. Stretching beyond portfolios and meetings, the Internal Relations Committee offers new branches for entertainment and team building in informal settings and building trust amongst volunteers. This group of individuals will meet throughout the year to plan and execute internal ideas like bowling nights, bar nights, and retreats.

Academic Research Assistant

The Academic Research Assistant is a Science candidate with a strong interest in student academics and educational affairs. The Academic research assistant must be independant, bright, and willing to take on a long running research project. The Academic Research Assistant will research and compile information about student affairs in education and how to improve interfaces including: BearTracks, student admissions, and student opportunities for internships.

Biological Science Departmental Association Formation Team

The Biological Science Departmental Association is a group that is set to launch in Fall 2015. As part of this team, you will be part of a once in a lifetime experience to form and develop the inaugural team for the largest group of students int the Faculty of Science. Members must be independant, bright, and willing to take on a long running research project. The BSDAFT will research and compile information about student affairs in the Faculty of Science and how to create a transparent, representative group for Science students.