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New Intramural Updates for January

Let’s get 2015 started off on the right foot! Here are some cool intramural opportunities for the second semester. Remember that ISSS will subsidize the full cost of these intramural teams.

You must let the Director of Athletics know before registration. Deadline to let Director of Athletics know is Feb 2nd. Registrations open Jan.26th 2015.

Basketball (Co-ed): Game days on Mon/Tuesdays from Feb.23 to April 7th
Dodgeball (Co-Ed); Game days Wednesday from Feb 25-April 1st
Pairs Sports Series; (Co-ed, teams of 4-6) Tuesdays Feb 24-March 24
Ultimate Frisbee Indoor (Co-Ed) Thursday Feb 26-April 2nd
Volleyball (Men’s): Mon and Tuesday Feb 23-Mar31
Volleyball (Women’s): Thursday March 5-April 2nd

More information can be found on the Recreation Service Website-Intramurals tab.