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2020 Candidate Portfolio – Mehul Pal

Mehul (Nim)Pal - Candidate 3rd year councillor Hey! Are you one of the countless ISSS students who has no clue what ISSS does? If that’s you, then my name is Mehul, I’m a 2 nd year Neuroscience student, and I’m running to change your answer. When itcomes to my...

2020 Candidate Portfolio – Tyler Dang

Tyler Dang - Candidate VP Academic I am a third year undergrad in BSc Honors in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. I am applying for ISSS VP Academic position. I am currently the president of Vietnamese Student Union in Edmonton (VSUE) and VP Finance of...

2020 Candidate Portfolio – Bhavana Kanagala

Bhavana Kanagal - Candidate VP Academic My name is Bhavana Kanagala and I’m currently a third year Physiology student. I amrunning to be your ISSS Vice President Academic. I have been involved with ISSS since my second year in various capacities. I was a general...

2020 Candidate Portfolio – Riya Mangukia

Riya Mangukia - Candidate 3rd year councillor Tarana Mangukia Second Year Councillor ISSS 19/20 Director of Finance 19/20 March 9, 2020 To Whom It May Concern, As a Second Year Councillor for the ISSS, I will be running for Third Year Councillor for the academic year...

2020 Candidate Portfolio – Kelechi Abara

Kelechi Abara - Candidate VP CommunityHi, I’m Kelechi Abara and I am running to be your VP Community of ISSS for the year of 2020-2021. I am a second- year cell biology student, and I have been involved with ISSS since 2019, serving as your Director of Administration...