Before you start to settle down in a day to day routine of classes and labs, have you looked at opportunities outside the classroom?

During my first year, things like clubs and groups were completely off of my radar. I figured that, since I’m paying thousands of dollars for classes, that they’ve got to be the best learning opportunity here. Right? But then I got involved in organizations like the Mathematical Sciences Society, Phi Gamma Delta, and the old Science Students’ Association. I met hundreds of compassionate, hilarious, and interesting students while in these groups, and they helped me to learn teamwork skills and leadership skills. More importantly, they also gave me an outlet to start helping out other people besides myself.

So my question for you is this: How do you plan on giving back to your community while at University? (And while you’re at it, how do you plan on growing as a leader and team-player?)

The ISSS has come a long ways over the past five months. But we can only keep up the pace if YOU get involved with us.

Come meet us at our Semi-Annual General Meeting. You’ll get a quick primer on what we’re doing, plus get some food and meet Dr. Greg Taylor, the Dean of Science.

3 science students are needed to sit on Science Faculty Council, the highest governing body in the Faculty of Science.

Finally, we’re looking for volunteers with particular interests. Like graphic design, project management, teaching, or creating a new service?