Hello there! My name is Dustin Chelen. I’m in my third year studying things like math and Japanese at the University of Alberta. I’m also working as the President of the Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society. Every week, expect a blog post from me with insights on university life, plus an update on what’s going on with the Faculty of Science and the ISSS!

It’s hard to find your own space on campus. There’s some great study spots in places like CAB, Cameron Basement, SUB alumni room, and my personal favorite – the Katz building. And if you want to keep your stuff on campus, rent a locker in CAB.

Finally, if you think the ISSS is an organization with potential, help guide us by running for a First Year or Third Year Councillor! Council has all the power of the organization, including spending the money and making big decisions. Think about it.

Keep it cool,