It’s been a very busy two months for the ISSS, but now that midterms are starting to wind down, why don’t you stop by our office in BioSci for a chat? We’re located at BS M 2-30, in the hallway that connects the north east entrance of BioSci with CCIS!

The ISSS is the representative of undergraduate science students to faculty administration. If you’ve got something that’s on your mind related to your time as a science student, we’d love to fix you a cup of hot chocolate and learn more. The Faculty of Science is currently planning its way forward for the next five years. Based on the feedback you gave us at our Semi-Annual General Meeting, and through conversations over email and in person, we built a Student Submission to that plan!

The meeting of the highest governing body of the Faculty of Science, Science Faculty Council meets this Thursday. We’ve got a full suite of 12 students attending, and we’d love to hear what your priorities are. Smaller class sizes? More integrated labs? Better grading systems? Or improved advising? As always, feel free to email me at [email protected] with your thoughts!

Hope to see you soon.