From my experience, one cause of student apathy and mistrust of “student politics” is that some student representatives lack active listening skills. But isn’t that counter-intuitive to what being a student is all about?

It certainly isn’t the case with most leaders. In fact, one of the things I’ve learned is that the best leaders have open ears rather than open mouths. But every once and a while, you stumble across individuals and organizations that don’t take the time to listen to what their students – their lifeblood have to say.

That isn’t the case with the ISSS. At our last Semi-Annual General Meeting, we heard some wonderful feedback from students. And for each of the suggestions, we’ve come up with strategies to accomplish them.

We heard that we need more places to study and socialize in Science buildings, so we’ve appointed a Director of Science Student Space who will be looking at advocating for more furniture in BioSci, CCIS, and helping to develop the lounges in CAB/Cameron and CCIS.

You told us that you didn’t even know what the ISSS did. So we’re creating an ISSS Street Team that you’ll start seeing doing some pretty cool things around campus. Keep an eye out for them!

Some science students didn’t know what they could do with a Bee Ess See, so we’re trying to partner with CAPS to organize a career lunch series in the Winter Semester!

Lots of students mentioned that they just didn’t know what was going on in the Faculty. We’re looking to help the Faculty with their student newsletters, but if that doesn’t work, we’re going to try to make a handy guidebook with information passed down from science student to science student.

There’s lots more ideas that we’re working on, but here’s proof that we’re listening. But are you? Do you know what the ISSS can do for you? If not, feel free to email me.