Surprise the rest of campus by clearing all of the snow in quad to make snow sculptures on March 3, 2012 at 7:00pm! *EDIT COME AT 4:00PM to take advantage of the sun and warmth – we’ll be starting sooner!

===WHAT IS IT?===

For the first time ever, we are going to CLEAR QUAD OF SNOW. On March 3, 2012 at 4:00pm, we will gather in the U of A quad and create snow sculptures with all of the snow in the area and SHOCK the rest of campus when they return to school on Monday, March 5. The event will end whenever we’re done, but feel free to come and go as you please.

You can make whatever you want out of the snow, but there are two mandatory sculptures. One will say “ISSS” and the other will say “FAMF”. Other than those two, you are free to make WHATEVER YOU WANT and you have effectively unlimited snow to make it! The biggest rule is that we need to see the grass (or dirt…) under all of that snow. Just imagine what the rest of the school will think when they come back and the snow is gone!


If you are interested in taking part in this historical event, please send me an email at [email protected] or Facebook Message me (Siwei Chen, or search [email protected]) for an invite to the Facebook event. I would like to use this event page as a way to track real attendance because an event of this size will require a lot of manpower.

Once you accept the invitation, you are free to invite your own friends. I only ask that instead of inviting them without any notice, please send those friends an email or Facebook message explaining the event and only add those who respond with genuine interest in attending.

In the spirit of using this event page as an accurate record of attendance, if you know you will not be able to attend after you said you would, please change your attendance to Not Attending rather than leaving it on Attending (and please do not say Maybe at all).

I will be sending out semi-regular messages about this event to remind you of its existence and approach as well as updates/requests about tools and the weather. (See below for contingency plans).


Got your attention! There will be hot chocolate for sure at the event so take lots of beverage and bathroom breaks!

Depending on how many people attend, I will also purchase FOOD for the evening. Current menu item is pizza.


So clearly we are not going to be moving all of the snow on Quad with just our hands. We will need the right tools to complete the job! Below is a list of things we will need, and under it is a link to a Google Doc where you can indicate what kinds of tools you can bring to the event.

-Food colouring (any color, but definitely blue!)
-Metal spatulas, garden hoes, or trowels
-Spray bottles
-Extra mittens, hats and scarves

Google Doc Tools sign up spreadsheet:

The Google Doc specifies some estimates of how many of each tool we need; however, please note that the required number of tools may fluctuate depending on how many people are attending the event. If you have something to bring that wouldn’t be too much trouble, please bring it. 🙂


What happens if we can’t do the event? Well, first we need to decide what would make the event impossible or very difficult.

Scenario one – It is TOO COLD.
I’ve decided that -15C and below will be considered too cold. tells me that between March 1 and 5 of 2011, the temperatures fluctuated between about -13C and -30C. If that keeps up, we’re doomed, but it seems to be a pretty warm winter this year, so maybe we’ll get lucky. I won’t be able to get a better estimate of the weather until 14 days before the event (and that’s guesswork at best, in my opinion), so at that point, I may choose to move the event to March 2 or 4 if either of those days are warmer than -15C. If neither of those days are valid options, I will see how many people will want to go out if the temperature is between -15C and -20C. Since we’re getting a work out, we might not be so cold. Anything below -20C threatens frostbite to the extremities and I’d rather not subject anyone to that. In the case that it is too cold and the clearing event doesn’t occur, I will be spraying the snow with food-coloured dye to spell out ISSS and FAMF. I may also ask that anyone who is interested wear blue from May 5-7, but those of you who are interested in the event will receive an email closer to the date if that is the case.

Scenario two – It’s not too cold but there is not enough snow!
Well, quad is pretty huge, so we’ll just have to do a lot of snow MOVING if there isn’t much out there. The sculptures may not be as tall, but the event must go on! In the case that there is no snow to speak of, we will likely default to the wearing blue option from March 5-7.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email me at [email protected]