SCI 5, or Your-Five Dollar Science Community Investment, is a proposed membership fee levied to registered undergraduate science students at the University of Alberta. The SCI 5 will allow the ISSS to better fulfill our mandate. The purpose of the proposal is to offer undergraduate Science students the opportunity to pay a membership fee for improved events, services, advocacy efforts, and support for Departmental and Program Associations.

Last year, the ISSS brought forward a membership fee proposal that ultimately failed by a very slim margin. The proposal last year had 42 smaller and unevenly distributed allocations, which did not end up resonating with many students. This year, we have 14 much more evenly distributed allocations that each strive to provide direct value to science students.

The ISSS would encourage you to check out for a list of where the money will be allocated. Please email Jessica Nguyen, Director of Membership Fees, at [email protected] with any questions or concerns, and remember to vote “yes” for SCI 5 on March 6 and 7 at