Hello fellow Science students,

If elected as Third Year Councillor, I would work towards  improving schedule-building support, communication between ISSS and Science students, and increasing the amount of resources in CCIS.

Firstly, to improve schedule-building support for Science students, I will implement an online “mind-map” of a large variety of science courses showing what the prerequisite courses are for each course. I am hoping this project will help a lot of new and even current Science students plan out their degrees correctly and not run into troubles later on.

Secondly, I would like to increase the communication between ISSS and all Science students. This is very important because I feel that a lot of Science students miss out on a lot of great opportunities provided by ISSS because of a lack of communication.

Lastly, I would like to increase the amount of microwaves and other resources in CCIS so Science students don’t have to travel to other buildings just to microwave their food.

Anthony Nguyen - Councillor