I’m running for the Vice President Services (VPS) position with the ISSS. I have been involved with the ISSS for the past year as the Director of Fac-Off, playing a key role in the planning and execution of Fac-Off, an interdepartmental competition that occurs during Science Week. My involvement with the ISSS and numerous other organizations has equipped me with the tools necessary to succeed as VPS.

If elected as VPS, my objective is to promote and enhance the services the ISSS offers, including at-cost printing, used book sales locker rentals and CCIS study space. By enhancing the services and raising awareness around what the ISSS has to offer, I would like to manifest the intrinsic role the ISSS plays in the lives of science students and to maximize the benefit the services have on the undergraduate science community.

I will also ensure transparency and accountability of the ISSS are maintained. I aim to safeguard the interests of the undergraduate science community by promoting student involvement in the everyday workings of the ISSS and providing students with a voice to express their concerns and discontent.

Hammad Shaikh - VP Services