I am Javeria Raheem. I am a currently a second year Bachelors of Science General student. I have been involved with ISSS as a general volunteer, and a Mini Study Group Mentor in these past two years.

Throughout this experience I have met many students in the faculty of science and realized what some of these students would hope for from their faculty student association. If elected, I would continue to schedule Mini Study Group sessions for more 2nd and 3rd year courses. I believe that having these peer assisted learning session’s helps students with understanding the concepts, or fine-tuning some skills in a friendly and comfortable environment. In addition, I would advocate to increase ISSS events throughout the year such as pancake breakfasts, movie nights and others to help make the semester stress free and enjoyable for everyone. I would be more than willing to answer any questions regarding my platform and would like to hear your thoughts about anything you would be wanting to see changed or added in the upcoming year.

Javier Raheem - Councillor