The ISSS would like to issue the following statement relating to rumors of a privacy breach following a question at the SU election forum’s today at the Myer Horowitz theatre:

In January 2015 we received multiple reports from science students of receiving unsolicited contact by the private organization “Prep 101” to their uAlberta emails. We have both an executive and councillor who work for Prep 101, so we took these reports very seriously and launched an internal investigation into the potential leak of private information. We contacted the SU immediately and worked with them to ensure that we properly investigated the matter. Through our investigation, we determined that the issue most likely arose due to the translation of written emails onto the digital database of Prep 101. They market on campus and collect emails in writing from people who are interested in hearing more about what they offer. It appeared that they incorrectly recorded their emails into electronic form, and because of that they incorrectly contacted multiple uAlberta accounts. To the best of our knowledge there was no breach of privacy, and it was simply an issue on Prep 101’s side.

We were also recently made aware of a formal complaint made to the University of Alberta Protective Services (UAPS) and Dean of Students about one of our executive members relating to this same issue. We are working with UAPS and the Dean of Students as they go through their investigations and we will continue to cooperate with them as their investigation continues. As more information relevant to science students becomes available we will continue to provide updates. If any students believe they were incorrectly contacted by Prep 101 or if they have any further questions we ask them to contact the ISSS VP Administration and Finance Conrad Auch at [email protected]