The coming year is going to be a tough one for both science students as well as the University of Alberta as a whole and with this coming hardship, the ISSS needs a leader who can not only be authoritative in advocating on their behalf but one who has a wide range of experience so that he/she may effectively negotiate so that students can get the most out of their undergraduate experience. I am confident that I am the leader the ISSS needs to be an effective organization due to my experiences as a SU Science Councillor as well as a Councillor on GFC (the University equivalent of Council) which has given me the ability to build closer relationships with the SU (in order to have a more united front) as well as experience in negotiation. Additionally as the chair of the Audit Committee (a committee that deals with over $1 million and all FA finances) I have an intimate knowledge of every FA and what events work and which do not, so that science students can get the best out of their fees. Lastly, my experience as a business man gives me the skills to not only effectively coordinate and elevate the VP portfolios but also to negotiate with relevant bodies, so that we can build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our peers and faculty.

Umer Farooq - President