I’m Habba Mahal, a second year science student, and I am hoping to be your next Vice President Community. Through my leadership experience, as well as my consistent community involvement, I hope to strengthen the bonds between science students and their community!
My main goal is to broaden the science network by encouraging collaboration with different associations and organizations. I believe communication is key, so I will consistently gather feedback about how best to serve you.
In the upcoming year as executive, I hope to increase communication by increasing circulation of The Current, the ISSS’s monthly newsletter, as well as garnering more funding for it. Another major focus for me in the upcoming year is increasing volunteer opportunities for science students so that you can make a stronger connection to your Faculty while gaining valuable experience and skills. Finally, I will work to increase advertisement for everything that ISSS does through increased social media presence and targeted marketing strategies.
Please visit my Facebook page for more information on how I will achieve my goals!

VPC - Habba Mahal