Hoping to get involved with research? Need to impress your friends with some serious knowledge in STEM areas? Do you regularly marvel at how great our world and the universe is?

We highly recommend you to attend the Microtalks Event hosted by

the Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society, in collaboration with the Faculty of Science. The event will include a slate of researchers and leaders from a huge variety of fields in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) areas, who will all be giving short, sweet 5 minute presentations on topics they are passionate about. It’s a chance to learn some new information, without having to engage with the sometimes intimidating complexities.

The event will also feature short Q&A sessions at the end of each speaker block, with a networking session at the end of the event. Great snacks and refreshments will be provided to all attendees!

The event will be taking place on March 10th, 2016 in CCIS L1-140.Keep up with details on the ISSS’ Facebook page! Updates on speakers and event breakdowns will be posted regularly.


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Microtalks 2016