$10,000 were spent on agendas by the ISSS last year. Most agendas were thrown in the trash within the next month. That is both irresponsible and wasteful. Financial sustainability is key, but we cannot expect ISSS to be a success when we spent student money on ineffective marketing materials. And that’s just the beginning of it. Only 7% of the ISSS’ general volunteers are still part of the organization, and there are few mental health resources available to Science students. The problem with mental health care at the UofA is that outside of clinical care, there are few options to get help. I vouch for a longitudinal, long-term form of care. Through a peer-driven model, students can help each other in dealing with mental health issues on a day to day basis.
2016 will be ISSS’ most important year. Students will vote on whether to continue the mandatory $5 fee to fund the ISSS. It’s time to make a change. Think differently, act differently. Vote Arsalan for President