My name is Tracy Fan and I am running for the Vice President Academic position with The Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society (ISSS). I am currently a biological science major. I would be honoured to be able to represent science students, and to advocate for lower tuition, more flexible customizable programs, as well as for a broader course variety selection with smaller class sizes. Based on science students’ needs and wants, I will help to guide and coordinate policies in a way that enhances student priorities while balancing faculty requirements. I will work tirelessly on behalf of students to help ensure that the student body is informed of any important issues that may come up, such as program changes or tuition fee modifiers. I promise to always do my best to ensure that students’ interests always come first! I would very much appreciate your vote of support on Thursday, March 17 and Friday, March 18 — when voting begins. Vote Tracy Fan for a Brighter Science Future! A Vote for Tracy is A Vote for You!