Currently in my first year of BSc General, I cannot deny my questioning of possible career paths. Nonetheless, I hope to get the best out of my undergraduate career, likewise, I would strive to do the same for all science students. So what does this mean? I would dedicate efforts to make every science student feel and experience their undergraduate years like a member of ISSS whether that may be advocating for their interests, being attentive to both the negative and positive feedback, and spreading awareness of ISSS services so that each member may take full advantage. Thereby, I look forward to accumulate more leadership experience while seeking opportunities to explore my interests along with other students through the position of First Year Councillor for ISSS.

Previously, I have had numerous leadership experience including executive of athletic events/ annual orientation, and most notably,Ā  the Vice President of Grad 2016 and the Awards Board Chairperson. Through such experiences, I am confident I will be a competent, accountable and friendly liaison for all fellow ISSS members.