I, Yekta Sharafaddin-Zaden, am declaring my candidacy for the vacant position of first year ISSS Councillor. I have stood among the undergraduates as an equal and have experienced the hurdles that are on the path of every undergraduate student. I want to have the honour of representing all the members in order to familiarize them with the great services of ISS in order to make their four years of undergraduate studies an enjoyable experience. Upon my acceptance, I will promise to participate as an active Councillor member in order to serve at the pleasure of the Faculty of Science students. If elected, I also hope to advise my colleagues to advance their knowledge, capabilities, and experiences. It would be an honour to be selected for the ISSS councillor position and have the opportunity to enrich the learning experiences of my fellow peers. Thank you for your consideration. Vote for honesty, integrity, skills and leadership. Vote for Yekta Sharafaddin-Zaden for First Year ISSS Councillor!