Hello fellow Science students!

My name is Anthony Nguyen and I am running to be one of your fourth year councillors! I have had experience being with the ISSS in the past as Director of Administration in my second year and third year councillor in my third year.

I am running for this position because I want to ensure that all Science students get the best possible services and experience from the ISSS. This year for ISSS is especially important because SCI5 is up for renewal at the end of the year and my goal is to ensure that all Science students get the best value from their money so they will vote in favour to renew SCI5!

I plan to do this by improving the communication between ISSS and Science students so students are aware of all the perks and services that the ISSS offers such as scholarships, volunteering opportunities, study groups, and community events.

I hope to have your vote on October 5th and 6th! Thank you!