Hi there! My name is Narin Sheri and I am running for the 4th year councilor position for ISSS this coming 2016/17 school year. I am currently the interim 4th year councilor and have been working hard the last few months to ensure that our executives are being held accountable and that ISSS is consistently advocating for science students through the programs that we offer, such as MSG and Sci5. Having held the position for a few months already, I believe I am well equipped to keep things running smooth for the rest of the year with the experience I have already gained. I was also part of the executive team this past year for my Rotaract university club which has taught me a lot about both team-work and professionalism, which I believe makes me even more qualified for the position at hand. I am very excited about this coming year at ISSS and hope to be a part of it thanks to your help!