Yidi is a 5th-year student in Biological Science. Over the past four years, Yidi has learned a lot about student governance and advocacy through his involvement in multiple student organizations and advisory committees. Yidi has been the interim VP Community of ISSS since June, 2016 and is very familiar with the operation procedures of ISSS. During his interim term, Yidi has organized Clubs Fair sessions to promote events, services and opportunities that ISSS provides to Science students and has also organized two volunteer recruitment sessions recently. Yidi is interested in all topics that concern science students, in particularly involvement opportunities, academic and research policies within the Faculty of Science. Yidi understands the underrepresentation and struggle of international students and strives to help them overcome barriers they may face throughout their undergraduate life through collaboration with International Student Services. Yidi is very excited to continue his role as VP Community, to serve and engage science students and foster the sense of community among students. Please vote Yidi for VP Community on October 5th and 6th. Thanks!