My name is Smit Patel, and I am running to be your 4th year councillor for ISSS for this upcoming 2017-18 academic year. I am currently the Director of Design and member of the marketing committee for ISSS. Being part of ISSS for a year now, I am familiar with the operations of ISSS and well equipped for this position. Recently science students passed SCI 5 referendum. If elected, I will continue to strive to ensure that your fee is being allocated to advance and improve the quality of services and opportunities provided to you and that the executives are being held accountable. I am also part of the executive team for my club Kidsport U of A where I have worked alongside my colleagues to organize social and fundraising events. I know I have the skills, experience, and professionalism to excel in this job and advocate on your behalf. I am very excited to be on the council this coming year. Vote for Smit Patel for 4th year councillor on March 22nd and 23rd!