I am running for the position of ISSS Vice President Community for the 2017-2018 year. I have served as a Third Year Councillor, and have learned a lot about the operations of ISSS. I worked as Director of Science Week to deliver events and activities for science students. This involved high levels of communication with outside parties to coordinate successful events. These are skills that I plan to carry forward in the position of VP Community. I believe the maintenance and continued advancement of a unified community for students is essential for university quality of life.

My personal goals for ISSS include building internal connections for a stronger foundation. I believe achieving external goals is contingent on maintaining good internal relations. I view student voice as being the most important factor in a student government, and I hope to foster better communication and engagement between ISSS and the student body. I also hope to improve ISSS branding and marketing in order to increase awareness of the services ISSS has to offer for science students.

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