I have been with the ISSS for the past two years, both as a first year councillor and as VP Programming. This year I have gained the experience of how to run each event and was able to gather lots of feedback from students. The reason that I am rerunning as VPP is so that next year I can implement these changes to improve these events and better serve the students. With my experience, I can expand and promote these events more efficiently than someone exploring this position for the first time. Moreover, this year we have founded the athletic committee, which was able to host events such as Yoga Night and March Madness and we will continue to introduce new events to serve the various interests of all science students. I was extremely honoured to be your VPP this year and I promise, if re-elected, to continue thriving for higher standards and to make sure that every science student’s voice is well heard.

Yomna Elshamy