My name is Habba Mahal and I’m running to be your Vice President Services! I am a third-year Biology student, and the current ISSS Director of Science Governance.
As the Vice President Community last year, I gained experience in representing the science student body. While in charge of funding for the Council of Science Student Associations, I got to see where science groups allocated funding, and what they thought their members needed most. By attending ISSS’s council meetings, I gained insight on what science students valued, which carried into my current role as a director, where I have gained knowledge on the governing structures upholding the ISSS, such as the constitution.
I believe I would bring a lot of knowledge and insight to the role, while always being receptive to new ideas and perspectives. I am a strong believer in active representation, so my main goal would be to constantly receive feedback from you, to ensure that I am upholding your faith in me.
Thank you for considering me as your Vice President Services!

Habba Mahal's Candidate Picture