As a first year student, I am beyond excited to have started my university career and am striving to make it an incredible period of four years; I would love to extend my efforts of cultivating an amazing experience to the entire Faculty of Science.

While our faculty is academically intensive, I believe it is just as essential to recognize the importance of building an environment that fosters a strong sense of community. University of Alberta has an incredibly diverse science faculty, with students spanning throughout different departments and years. I would like to celebrate our diversity by focusing on further improvement in regards to student engagement, awareness, and representation.

Through my previous experiences of being a part of student organizations such as the Student Advisory Committee and the Graduation Committee, I understand how to actively seek the voices of my peers and turn their interests into reality. I hope, you, my fellow students, will grant me the opportunity to represent and advocate on your behalf as a 1st Year Councillor on ISSS.

Alina Lin