University is synonymous to a Rubik’s cube – complex to solve yet very rewarding upon completion. The good thing about this puzzle is we are not meant to solve it alone. A vote for me as your ISSS Councillor is a vote for Excellence, fairness, equity and dedication. I am committed to fostering a strong, robust and collaborative learning environment among Science students.

I bring a lot of skills and diverse life experiences that have taught me to be adaptable and make the best of every situation in a manner that allows for learning, growth and betterment. I am a strong advocate for creativity, development and expression of scientific acumen. My passion is driven by my determination to achieve academic success, passion for servant leadership, and curiosity for the Sciences. I have learned to cope and manage group dynamics, work under pressure and across differences, deal with conflict, as well as work as a team and as an individual.

I believe in the power of ONENESS. Vote for me to work for you.

Natasha Danha