To all people voting this semester, hello! My name is Brett Wickware and I am running for the position of second year councillor. This is a position that I feel qualified for, as I have a background in student leadership since grade 10. In addition, I have volunteered with the ISSS since my first year and acted as an interim councillor for the past 4 months.

If voted in, I would advocate for more events related to overall student satisfaction. To me, this can range from networking events to learn more about research opportunities, to even a pancake breakfast to make those morning lectures a bit more bearable. I would like to see more of these events, and perhaps one more large one to compliment other large events like Science Week! As well, ISSS offers many other services such as printing, locker rentals and book sales. I would push for any motion to make these services more relevant to students, as well as come up with any new ways in which the ISSS can serve you: the students in science.

Brett Wickware