Hey y’all! My name is Kevin Ma and I am currently majoring in biological science and minoring in economics. As 3rd year councillor, my aim is to make decisions on the margins and always make sure to maximize utility. Outside of boring economic jokes, I spend my days reading the New York Times (I feel the Bern), learning how to make edible food, and rereading Harry Potter for the umpteenth time. One of the things I want to accomplish as councillor is increasing student involvement. From planning Science Week (free pancake breakfast!) to working to host more science related events, I want to work towards making the Science faculty even more close knit! Another goal of mine is accessibility. This means I am committed to meeting outside of class/office hour time with any science student about any issues that that they care about and work to advocate on behalf of them during council meetings. In conclusion, student involvement and advocacy is the heart of my platform and with that, I ask for your vote.

Kevin Ma