My name is Alina Lin and I am running for the position of ISSS’s VP Services! I am currently a first year in Physiology and Developmental Biology. Serving as a 1st Year Councilor, I have had the honor of engaging and representing fellow undergraduate Science students. Throughout my term, I was able t truly understand internal and external workings of ISSS.

With a thorough understanding of the current services and programs that ISSS has to offer, I know what importance they hold in creating a connected and supportive community.

One of my main platform points is collaborating with fellow VPs to increase visibility and broaden accessibility of services for all Science students. I aim to improve current services such as locker rentals and the used book sale (USB) through increased efforts in implementing methods that establish clear communication for all parties involved and increase efficiency.

Every service and program offered by ISSS seeks to improve the university experience for all Science students. I believe in the importance of support and resources geared towards academic success, mental wellness, and decreasing financial burdens.

As your future VP Services, my main priority is to maintain the quality of services that ISSS has provided and will continue to provide to students, while improving efficiency and streamlining the current system.