My name is Brett Wickware and I am a second-year honors chemistry student running for the position of VP Community. I have been involved with the ISSS since my first year as a volunteer on the Public Relations team, and as a second-year councillor this year.

As a VP Community candidate, I want to familiarize myself with student groups to better serve the science student body. To achieve that, I will make three promises to you ā€“ the potential voter in this election. I promise to use our newsletter and social media to involve you with events and opportunities, as well as to promote inclusivity. I will provide you with opportunities to get involved with the ISSS through volunteer opportunities and our services like ISSS tabling. Lastly, I will develop new ideas to modernize the ISSS. For example, creating an animated version of our mascot, ISSSberg, would be interesting for advertisement or even for developing stories.

If these points resonate with you, please consider voting for me. Thank you and well wishes to you all!