Hi, I’m Christiana and I’m running for 3rd year councillor! Ever since my first year I’ve enjoyed my involvement with the ISSS. Starting as a volunteer, I became familiar with the organization and gained an appreciation of what it did for science students through my experiences on the design and marketing teams, helping promote events and the Sci 5 referendum. I was fortunate enough to return in my second year as director of design, and I was able to gain an even deeper understanding of the variety and scope of the services provided by the ISSS through designing material ranging from the ISSS discount card, to the schedule poster for our Harry Potter themed Science Week 2018. As a councillor, I hope to continue promoting ISSS services and events, but also to help ensure that the ISSS continues to serve science students, and that the interests of science students are accurately represented. I am looking forward to this opportunity and I am very excited about my future involvement with the ISSS!