Hi! My name is Heba Iftikhar and I am running to be your second year councillor. I believe I am the right candidate because I am always enthusiastic about science, especially after being enrolled in the InSciTE program which allowed me to explore the various fields of science such as forensics and paleobotany.

I promise to represent the interests of the science students and to find more ways for students to get help in their studies such as more opportunities for study groups.

I also plan to create an engaging community and create more opportunities for students from all branches of science to interact and connect with one another.

Through the InSciTE program, I have been privileged to perform my own capstone experiment, which allowed me to explore the services and facilities that the faculty has to offer in order to perform the experiment. As councillor, I promise to create awareness of these opportunities for science students so they are more knowledgeable about their faculty.

I assure you I will be responsible, dependable, and will fulfil my duties to the best of my ability as second year councillor.