Hey everyone! My name is Kevin Ma and I am going into my 4th year of biological sciences with a economics minor. Having been involved in ISSS for the past year, I was lucky enough to represent students in the Faculty of Science as a counselor and was also the Director of Science Week, where I was a key proponent of establishing a Harry Potter theme as well as the main organizer of the Harry Potter trivia night at RATT. My experience as a counselor and as a Director of Science Week has given me a better insight on how to create fun, inclusive events for science students. Running for the position of VP Programming, I want to have regularly schedules events tailored for science students that prioritize student engagement and improving mental health as well as creating an online forum where students can suggest events they would like to see hosted by ISSS. With the goal to foster student connection and offer engaging and exciting activities for science students, I ask for your vote.