I, Sheldon Cannon, want to work to bring my experience in student governance to continue advocating effectively for Science students. Advocating for students and building an engaged student body is a major part of my life; at the University I served the past year as Vice President Academic of the ISSS, introducing new initiatives such as the Academic Resource Directory on eClass, expanding the scale of Instructor Appreciation Night, and constructing a more effectual student feedback Survey to identify key areas of student concern and work with the Faculty and ISSS to address these concerns. I also served the previous year as First Year Councillor and Director of Science Week of the ISSS. These involvements reflect my excitement and experience representing students, which translates directly to the VPA role advocating and delivering services to enrich our Science academic community. I hope to spend next year working towards more effectual implementation of student feedback into the operations of ISSS, increasing awareness of ISSS happenings, and increased communication between the ISSS and other Faculty Associations!