Hello! I’m Soumarupa. I am currently in my second year of Bachelor’s degree, specializing in Economics and Mathematics. If elected as a Third Year Councillor, I would identify objectives that would help us work towards achieving the vision of ISSS of representing the best interests of Science Students.

Having been involved with ISSS as a volunteer, I would like to use my past experience to work towards improving the communication between the ISSS and the Science Students. I believe this a crucial factor as many science students are not aware of SCI 5 or the different amazing opportunities provided by ISSS. Secondly, I would like to spread awareness of the new and upcoming events through event organization and more social media presence! Lastly, I would like to advocate on behalf of the students and work towards Mental Health and wellness, help increase awareness through mental health education and reduce the stigma regarding mental health.

I hope to represent you and help build a positive and inclusive community.