Hi, I am your 2nd year councillor candidate! For any that vaguely remember the cheesy slogan “Christy ‘Kan’ do it!” from the past by-election, I might be a recurring name.
Last election, I was fortunate enough to be elected as the 1st year councillor and my experience since then has been an eye-opener. Throughout my term on ISSS, not only was I able to deepen my knowledge in student governance and meet more of my fellow science peers, but also actively take part in passing one of our milestones, the SCI5 referendum. SCI5 was an essential membership fee that enables a larger scope of services and opportunities to be at science students’ disposal. In the future, I strive to ensure such benefits are maintained if not improved based on your important feedback.
For this upcoming term, I hope to represent, advocate, and act on the best interest of all science students again as the 2nd year councillor. Thank you for your support the past term and I would be honoured to be your recurrent representative!