Arshdeep Rattol – Candidate VP Academic

Hi everyone! 

My name is Arshdeep Rattol and I’m running to be your next VP Academic. I’m currently in my third year of a double major in psychology and biology. This year I’ve served as Director of Mini Study Groups (MSGs) and previously have been an MSG tutor as well. My main goal is to improve the amount of academic support students have, both in terms of tangible resources and awareness about opportunities. I specifically want to focus more on first-year student life as that can often be more challenging than later years.   

Here are my major areas of focus: 

  • Creating online, course specific facebook groups for first-years so that students can post questions/concerns and receive peer support in the academic domain. 
  • Compiling recent syllabi so that degree planning can be more optimal. 
  • Making the process about involvement in research more clear and accessible.
  • Increasing the interconnectivity among COSSA groups to better benefit the science student community overall. 

Thank you for your time. It is truly much appreciated!