Jamie Kim – Candidate Second Year Councillor

As a previous member of ISSS, I’m eager to contribute more towards the students in the
faculty of science. I learned a lot as a first-year councillor and now I am ready to show more of
what I got. This year I will give more hours into events that ISSS holds so execution and
presentation will come at ease. In becoming a second-year councillor, I hope to provide a
second voice and a different point of view. To me working for a non-profit organization brings
satisfaction. I worked at ISSS in my first year of university, and I plan to do the same in the

I would like to put my focus towards providing programs and services for students who
may feel isolated or lost. This applies more towards students that came to the U of A that are not from Edmonton.

Here are my three platform points:
– Advocate for events that will make those who feel isolated welcome
– Advocate for workshops that will benefit future careers
– Get more students’ voices heard