Dear Faculty of Science students,

The last few weeks have been unprecedented and tumultuous times and I am immensely proud of the strength and perseverance of our community.

Fellow executives and have received numerous emails and messages in the last month and we have done our best to bring every individual concern to the Faculty of Science and the Dean. The ISSS has always and will always continue to advocate for your input, concerns, and questions to the forefront. Please continue to bring your concerns, comments, feedback, and questions to us. We exist to represent science students and are always open to improving our ways.

There have been recent updates about spring and summer courses from the University of Alberta and some uncertainty has decreased. However, we are all aware that the situation changes rapidly and there continues to be anxiety, worries, and uncertainty for the future. The Faculty of Science is working tirelessly with the limited resources and people on hand to bring forth quality education for us, and I ask of you to bear this in mind when interacting with faculty staff and professors.

In these times of uncertainty and social isolation, it is essential for us to remain connected and to treat our friends, peers, and one another with empathy and kindness.

Lastly, I would like to thank the entire ISSS team, especially the ISSS Council. You have all been incredible. Despite all the changes and decisions that have affected students, you continued to do your jobs and prioritize your peers and their concerns. Furthermore, you all have been a great support system during these trying times and I cannot thank you enough.

I have confidence that the incoming 2020/21 members of ISSS will continue our legacy and uphold our mandate: advocacy and representation, service, and community.

May we proceed with empathy, hope and grace.

Yours truly,
Alina Lin