Hello! My name is Kinza and I’m a third-year Biological Sciences student. My experience in ISSS has been as the second year councillor and a Science Week director. During my time in ISSS I have gained great friendships and learned a lot from my peers both at a professional and personal level.

I understand the importance of being able to speak for others in Science and being an accountable leader is my goal. I hope to achieve that this year by applying to become a third year councillor. I will use my past experiences and look out for the concerns of science students. 

I understand that COVID -19 has taken a toll on all of us and has had a wide range of effects I to everyone’s lifestyle. School wise and academic wise ISSS aims to improve the student life , even if virtual. As a councillor I hope to guide the ISSS‘ aims in making effective decisions for student support and proposals of programs that can help create an enjoyable and impactful time for all of you!