Jamie Kim – Candidate VP Services

Hi, my name is Jamie Kim and I am running to be your VP of services. I am a 2nd year student majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Psychology. During my two years at ISSS, I’ve been a first and second year councillor, director of external relations, and the director of photography. Being elected means that I can represent the students in the faculty of science for a 3rd consecutive year. Becoming the next VP of services during this pandemic will be a struggle, however it will be in my best interest to continue and provide the best services possible.


I say we all want this pandemic to come to an end, however it is still impacting everyone and the services we provide. As the next VP of services, I would have some services available remotely such as our Used Book Sale. I would also like to implement new services such as camera rentals to students in need.


It would be a pleasure to be your next VP of services, thank you for your consideration.