Kelechi Abara – Candidate VP Community 

Hey there, I’m Kelechi Abara and I am running to be your VP Community of ISSS for the year of 2021-2022. I am a third- year cell biology student that has been involved with ISSS since 2019 and served as your VP Community this year. As your current VP Community I worked on reconstructing the funding system for COSSA groups in order to increase its equity, made volunteers feel more supported and encouraged interdisciplinary partnerships. Some of my plans for next year include: creating an eclass module for COSSA Groups, continuing to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, and to increase the inclusivity of ISSS by diversifying our student group. The Faculty of Science is very diverse and it is important that ISSS is reaching out to minority groups and helping them in any way possible. These are just a few goals I have, but if any of them stand out to you be sure to vote Kelechi Abara on March 17th and 18th!