Kinza Khan – Candidate Fourth year Councillor

Hello my name is Kinza Khan, and I am running for the 4th year counsellor position for the next academic year. The reason I would like to be elected for this position is because I find it a great opportunity to represent science students through ISSS,  and make improvements in our own organization for fellow COSSA groups and graduates from the Science faculty.  I aim to understand my years’ platform the most as 4+ years  undergraduate students moving further into either the workforce or further studies, they need more resources and attention. Which I believe we need to focus on as ISSS as well. I want to represent science students overall and be someone reliable for my peers, and communicate with fellow students to understand concerns and changes they suggest on things we can vote on. To add,  I have been in ISSS for 2 years now as a counsellor and director so I do understand the logistical aspects and details of our organization. 

Thank you.