Mehul Pal – Candidate Fourth year Councillor

Hey! My name’s Mehul and I’m running to be one of your next fourth-year councillors! You elected me last year on a promise of student-friendly governance, with accountability for the actions of the ISSS and transparency in the services they offer. My work this year, besides advocating on your behalf, has included the maintenance of crucial ISSS services during the pandemic, meaningful events that put your Sci5 money to a good cause, and the launch of ISSSRewards as the ISSS’ director of marketing. While a pesky virus may have stopped me from getting you better microwaves and banning MLMs, I’ve never stopped fighting for you! We
the proletarians of the faculty of Science deserve better treatment from the university, who dismiss our issues and scoff at our financial hardships. With my time as a councillor, I will stand up against the establishment; after all, this is our future we’re talking about! It is time we come together for a better Faculty of Science. Science students of the U of A, unite!